I’ve just come back from the first Music Concert of the year. As we’re a thriving specialist music college this is a big deal.

It’s the first chance for Year 7 pupils to perform in public and it was clear some of them were nervous to start but they persevered and got the biggest rounds of applause.

The Year 8 trombonist forgot his music and had to play from the hastily doctored accompanist version. There were a few off-notes but he kept his cool and played on through.

Some of the older years were absolutely stunning. Watching them literally took my breath away as I sat on the edge of my seat enthralled (add your own superlative clichés here!).

There’s no measuring the difference that performing in public can make to your life. Those children will have no fear of giving a speech in public (unlike our Chair of Governors who shakes like a leaf every time she has to talk to parents at an event). They remembered to bow and took their applause; applause that was just for them – what a confidence boost.

There’s another concert tomorrow.  Treating it like a chore the senior team had split it between them. I was there tonight with an Assistant Head; tomorrow night was to be the Head and pastoral deputy but I’ve decided to go back.  It’s a different programme and I want to see and hear the children play. I want to have a chance to congratulate them on their performance there and then. 

Never mind the fact that it’s my fourth school night out in a row. Or that, as we’ve been singing in assembly, I’ve already had my fair share of slightly off-key music.

It doesn’t feel like a chore and this close to half-term I cannot actually feel any more tired so I’m going to go for it and hope that I am feeling equally exhilarated this time tomorrow.