Robert Sinclair offers some ideas on how to introduce climate change lessons into the primary classroom, as part of the KS2 geography curriculum

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Do you know your way around educational employment law? Does your school’s pay and remuneration package meet or exceed minimum standards? Tamara Ludlow gives a legal overview of essential information for both leadership teams and staff

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Author: Edited by David Mitchell

Living Geography draws from recent, school-focused research to guide and support you in providing a concept based geography curriculum that is relevant, purposeful and exciting for young people. It is written for all those involved with the teaching of secondary school geography

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With the 2008 Olympics being based in China, many schools have been turning their attention to the country for inspiring lessons and lesson plans. Robert Sinclair offers some ideas

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This sequence of four lessons, one of our many free geography teaching resources, is based around the enquiry question ‘Should people be allowed to destroy the Amazon rainforest?’


Ideal for those teaching geography in schools, this free downloadable resource is a card game that will encourage pupils to think and role-play on the issues of waste disposal


For key stage 3 geography: embedding logovisual thinking skills in your classrooms. This tried and tested lesson plan will help teachers to help students gain an understanding of environmental change and sustainable development


Winner of the Geographical Association’s Silver Award 2008, this book is written principally for key stage 3 teachers of geography. It looks at landscapes and offers an effective framework for the delivery of geography in the classroom


For key stages 3 to 4, this free geography activity, available to download, helps teachers to improve students’ skills in information processing, reasoning, enquiry, creativity and evaluation


This free geography teaching resource can be used with primary and secondary school students, and is one of the many games and activities available for teachers in Using Games in School Geography


Author: Rex Walford

Enliven and enrich geography lessons with this collection of games and simulations to challenge and excite your students

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Author: Charles Rawding

“Silver Award Winner 2008, The Geographical Association”

This award-winning illustrated book by Charles Rawding shows how approaches to the study of landscape — in its broadest sense — can reaffirm the relevance of geography to pupils’ everyday lives

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Author: Edited by Dr David Leat & Dr Kate Wall

Many schools now have teaching and learning coordinators and teaching and learning groups who are tasked with keeping ahead of developments and to facilitate teaching and learning across their school. Those professionals will find Learning & Teaching Update invaluable

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Author: Liz Taylor

“Gold Award Winner 2005, The Geographical Association”

Liz Taylor explores exciting concepts and new ways of thinking in geography. How do teachers think about teaching their subject; how do they support their students to learn, re-present or re-appraise their geography? This is a challenging and rewarding book for all geography teachers

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Author: Fran Martin

“Silver Award Winner 2007, The Geographical Association”

Whether you are an experienced geography teacher or, more likely, a primary teacher insecure in your geography knowledge, Teaching Geography in Primary Schools: Learning to Live in the World is for you!

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Daniel Raven-Ellison shows how geographical thinking makes sense of the world

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Why has geography lost its status? Dr John Hopkin, chair of the Geographical Association’s Education Committee, looks at ways in which geography can be put back on the school map read more

If students are to be expected to develop independent learning skills and critical thinking facilities in geography, we need to instill and practise questioning skills. Phil Wood and Colin Patterson explain how students in their school are being encouraged to ask questions of their own

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