Deborah Eyre suggests how we can prepare G&T children for the many new career and employment options in today’s society

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Showcasing the work of G&T students can inspire colleagues to develop effective practice as well as providing opportunities for recognising hard work and talent, says Jo Philpott

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An effective whole-school tracking system is vital for monitoring the progress made by gifted and talented (G&T) students, as well as ensuring that achievement keeps pace with potential says Josephine Smith

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A number of free enrichment activities for KS1 and KS2 from the world of science, designed to stimulate creative thinking and inquisitive learning, are available to download in this free gifted and talented resource from G&T Update


This free gifted and talented resource provides advice on how to recognise signs of high ability when teaching gifted and talented children


A teaching activity that will encourage pupils’ enquiry, thinking and participation skills. Suitable for key stages 3 to 5.

As a continuation of our at-a-glance references for explaining the vocabulary associated with gifted and talented education, we look at the Baccalaureate qualification

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An educational ‘road system’ for individual gifted and talented children is needed, says Deborah Eyre, so that they can construct their own unique learning journeys read more

How can you provide adequate opportunities for gifted and talented artistic students? Joan Hardy has found the Arts Award scheme to be an effective means of identifying and encouraging artistic talent read more

As interest in gifted and talented education grows and expertise develops, so does the vocabulary associated with it. This is the first installment of a ‘copy and keep’ glossary for readers to collect over the coming months

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