Key stage 2 lesson plans for exploring the Beijing Olympics to meet learning objectives in geography and citizenship, provided by Caroline Coxon

In this numeracy lesson plan Paul Ainsworth describes how learning about probability can provide excellent opportunities for speaking and listening and incorporate plenty of challenge for the most able

John Senior highlights the importance of helping learners to have fun with numbers and develop positive attitudes towards mathematics

What if we all looked the same? This was just one of the topics used to get pupils thinking at a competitive event organised by Luton LEA and attended by Peter Leyland

How can teachers ensure that there is appropriate challenge for G&T pupils in every lesson? In the first of a series of lessons plans, Caroline Coxon provides some ideas

This activity is about values, language, futurology, ethics and belonging.

Ask the pupils to imagine a world with no ‘O’

A fun activity to encourage extension and development of vocabulary.

Educational consultant Mike Fleetham shares some interesting ideas about choosing books and looks at some practical ideas for using stories to develop children’s thinking.

The STAR workshops were designed by performers Martha and Eve to bring out students’ creativity in music, drama and discussion