I’ve been thinking about the Head’s response to me about wanting to avoid getting complaints from parents by being too prescriptive about what children can have in their lunch boxes. I understand that, in the past, parents have said that they resent this as it takes away their rights to feed their children what they want to.

In a way I can see why the Head doesn’t want to be dealing with complaints of this nature, as she has more than enough to do with the running of the school. Part of me also understands why parents might, at first, be a bit fed up. However, I understand that as a Governor my responsibility is to do the very best for the children in the school. And surely ensuring that they are given the best possible food (either by the school or by their parents) is doing just that? And, as a parent, what about my rights to give my child healthy food and avoid giving her cheesy strings/crisps/marshmallows/other mucked around stuff when she is always coming home telling me what her friends had in their lunchboxes and shared with her and could she possible have some tomorrow, please, please, PLEASE?!!!!