Went to see the Head this morning. I’m not really sure why I beat myself up all the time about not doing things the right way. It turns out that the policy was one from another school that was supposed to be adjusted to suit our school. When I told her about my concerns about my visits, she responded:

1) No need to agree a time and date with me and the teacher. If they are happy, I’m happy – why do it twice and waste everyone’s time? 2) Yes, agreeing a focus is important. It helps the teacher point out relevant information etc. Foci should be from the SDP. 3) Oh please, it is the children that this thing is about. You learn most about what is going on from them. And our children are confident and like to talk to grown-ups. How can you ignore them? 4) No need to talk to the Head about a visit, unless there is a cause for concern. However, written reports should go to her first.

5) We should possibly be discussing briefly at the governors meetings. We will reinstate this and make sure it happens.

So, I feel relieved that I didn’t make too many up-cocks and didn’t offend/upset anyone after all.

I did, however, find myself agreeing to meet someone from Investors in People tomorrow for an interview. That has led to a whole load more reading so that I actually know what I should say.

No one told me that being a governor is equivalent to a part-time job!