HELP!!! I had a bit of a problem this morning! One of my friends, whose daughter has just started in Reception at our school was looking upset at drop off. When I asked her what the problem was, she launched into a tirade about how awful her daughter’s teacher was, how horrible her daughter, Christine, had been made to feel and how she is already refusing to come to school or to be put into another class. And, I have to say, if everything she said is true, then she has a very good point. Apparently, whenever a child does anything ‘naughty’, they are shouted at and/or belittled and this mum has gone as far as to ask another parent who helps out with the class who has confirmed this.

Anyway, I towed the party line , by saying that it was a bit awkward for me to comment as I am the link governor to this class, but that she must make an appointment to see the teacher and express her concerns.

“But, Libby, I’m not going to change her teaching style now, am I?” she asked.  So, I suggested that if she had no luck there, she should ask for a meeting with both the teacher and the teacher’s line manager. Then, if things still didn’t change, she should go to the Head.

I’m finding this a really difficult situation, because I can really empathise with my friend as far as this teacher’s communication skills with parents go. But, of course, whenever I visit the class, the language used is always positive, there is no shouting and the lessons are great fun.

Because I believe so strongly in having a positive atmosphere in a school, I find it hard that I am unable to do anything about it. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions about how I could tactfully deal with this.