Anne de A’Echevarria explores Kagan’s Cooperative Learning pedagogy as part of her in-depth focus on the ‘Team Workers’ strand of the QCA’s Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills framework

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When teachers and students work together, they can learn a lot about learning. In a ‘Learning Together’ project at seven schools, students and teachers researched the link between pupil behaviour and learning

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This pack of free Christmas maths activities are suitable for primary school children of all abilities


This chapter from Thinking Through Primary Teaching is an excellent resource for primary school teachers to help develop pupils’ skills in writing and structuring their written responses


This free 11 page literacy resource focuses on creative thinking in literacy, art and design


This free teaching resource is a day-long enrichment activity taken from our recent publication, Enriching Science


This free maths resource provides two maths games for ages 7 to 11


This free maths resource provides two maths games for Key stage 3 pupils


This sequence of four lessons, one of our many free geography teaching resources, is based around the enquiry question ‘Should people be allowed to destroy the Amazon rainforest?’


Ideal for those teaching geography in schools, this free downloadable resource is a card game that will encourage pupils to think and role-play on the issues of waste disposal


For key stage 3 geography: embedding logovisual thinking skills in your classrooms. This tried and tested lesson plan will help teachers to help students gain an understanding of environmental change and sustainable development


For key stages 3 to 4, this free geography activity, available to download, helps teachers to improve students’ skills in information processing, reasoning, enquiry, creativity and evaluation


This resource is ideal for the subject leader or teacher and provides a comprehensive guide to dilemma-based learning, and how it can develop thinking skills in the classroom


This free geography teaching resource can be used with primary and secondary school students, and is one of the many games and activities available for teachers in Using Games in School Geography

These enrichment activities focus on design, psychology and communication, looking at sportswear innovation and the use of slang read more

Professor Maurice Galton, from the University of Cambridge, examines the benefits of group work and its possible contribution to improving the current classroom climate

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Collaborative work can have an energising effect across the curriculum. Jo Counsell describes a collaborative project that used dance to enhance literacy learning read more

David Allen and Iona Towler-Evans look at an innovative system of teaching thinking skills through drama

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Peter Leyland describes how he used TASC to teach his Year 6 class about measuring time read more

What if we all looked the same? This was just one of the topics used to get pupils thinking at a competitive event organised by Luton LEA and attended by Peter Leyland read more

Mandi Horwood describes how a project to investigate how students saw their learning and how they can have a say in it revealed the vital contribution that they have to make read more

Headteacher Neil Berry explains how Brampton Manor in East London – described by Ofsted in December 1999 as having ‘serious weaknesses’ – was turned into the fully inclusive, successful school it is today

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Is it possible to create a more ‘gender balanced’ learning environment? Natalie Griffiths explains how she investigated the effect of gender on learning in the D&T classroom and developed strategies to benefit pupils of both sexes read more

Raising Achievement Update looks at a book that describes practical ways of meeting the challenges of implementing circle time in secondary schools and why it can be so valuable read more

Dr Christine Fanthome outlines the multiple benefits that singing in a choir has for PSHE

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In a second extract from his book, psychologist Steve Killick describes two approaches to engaging young people in problem-solving conversations. read more

Young people discuss bullying, citizenship, fair trade and social responsibility

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In this article, Philip Drury underlines the numerous educational advantages of project work, and shows how negative points can be effectively circumvented read more

The STAR workshops were designed by performers Martha and Eve to bring out students’ creativity in music, drama and discussion read more