Muriel Thomson tells how she has transformed the way teaching assistants and other support staff are used at Brixham College, Devon, bringing wide-reaching benefits across the school

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If a child makes a vague allegation is it OK to ask questions? How should an allegation against a member of staff be treated? Jenni Whitehead discusses some of the concerns facing managers when coping with these issues

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After a long standing struggle between learner-centred and standards-led aims for primary education, two papers for the Primary Review note the emergence of a hybrid read more

After celebrating her 80th birthday, Joan Sallis looks back and makes a plea for stability read more

Jason Wood describes a groundbreaking project in which two Cornish schools carried out research comparing the views of SEN students and their peers on ECM outcomes read more

Chris Webb-Jenkins walks you through the new vetting and barring regime, which comes into effect in autumn 2008

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Virtual learning enviroments (VLEs) can support delivery of the extended schools core offer, explain deputy heads Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith

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Schools and colleges that work in partnership provide a better offer to their students, make faster progress and improve their performance, says Robert Hill read more

Developing a common understanding of pedagogy is intrinsic to ensuring continuity and progression along all stages of an individual’s learning journey, advises a recent DCSF booklet

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Chris Fenton discusses the benefits of working towards the International School Award, and how it can be used to build teamwork in improving schools and impact professional development

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Staff at Park View Community School, Chester-Le-Street, describe how introducing a competence-based curriculum has enabled students and teachers to begin a learning journey

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Are schools rising to the challenge of CPD for the whole workforce; including teaching assistants? Elizabeth Holmes investigates what schools need to do to ensure that everyone receives professional development

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To allow full use of teaching assistants, curriculum managers need to ensure both TAs and teachers have the support they need. This involves quality line management and a clear understanding of how to plan for effective learning, Lynn Maidment explains

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A key judgement means claimants need prove only abuse − not employer’s negligence. But this could be good news for schools writes Dai Durbridge read more

The idea of extended schools has a long history, says Pam Woolner, and we can learn from ideas that have been tried in the past read more

Analysing how critical leadership roles are being performed in your school can be a worthwhile exercise, says Richard Bird, former headteacher and now legal consultant to the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) read more

Headteacher Simon Uttley explains how he transformed a ‘notice to improve’ school to one of international status with ‘exceptional leadership’ with help from a sophisticated digital environment read more

Our European neighbours do education differently – with different starting ages, reading levels, varied approaches to the curriculum and assessment, extremes of class size and funding. What can we learn? Dave Weston shares his experience read more

Angela Youngman talks to heads of small schools around the country and gains an overview of the challenges and pleasures of the job read more

What are the essential characteristics for a school leader? Roger Smith reflects on what leadership is and what makes it work read more

How can neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) be used to support teaching and learning? Richard Churches, principal consultant for National Programmes at CfBT Education Trust and a doctoral researcher in the School Management of Surrey University, explores

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How can we encourage and develop young writers? Carol Archer describes an ambitious project designed to extend creativity and enable children to evaluate their own narrative and poetry read more

The NCSL is doing much more than training the next generation of heads, as Crispin Andrews discovers when speaking to Paul Bennett read more

The responsibility of SEAL and the development of emotional intelligence ultimately lies with the school, argues headteacher Neil Berry, and can have a real impact on school improvement read more

What is your next step if you’re given a poor Ofsted report? Angela Youngman discusses this, and talks to one headteacher who took over a school in the ‘notice to improve’ category

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Last year 12 sixth-form teachers applied to TEAM (The European-Atlantic Movement) to take part in a sponsored study trip to America to deepen and broaden their knowledge of US politics, government and culture. One of them shares his experience

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Would you like to be a fly-on-the-wall at your own Ofsted inspection? Paul Williamson, assistant head of Greenbank High School, shares the insights he gained from doing just that

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Discover how to manage the dynamics of a balanced and well-organised childcare team

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Have you ever been attracted by the financial freedom of academies but wondered what the drawbacks are? Gary Dawson guides you through the issues read more

Headteacher Kim Sparling explores how targets in schools can be used most effectively

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Early Years Update looks at the National Healthy Schools Programme and the key issues it aims to address read more

Business managers and bursars are ideally placed to help their schools develop more robust approaches to fundraising, argue Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith

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Deputy headteachers Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith consider how school leaders can reinvigorate their G&T programmes so they are an integral part of their school’s success read more

Health and safety is not only essential, it can also be a very useful planning tool if approached sufficiently far in advance of a school event

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Invite your pupils to become published music critics with the Bachtrack Young Reviewer programme read more

Recent government legislation has created new opportunities for multi-agency working in addressing and reducing exclusions from schools, says headteacher Neil Berry

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Michele Robbins asks what issues arise most frequently in governor training sessions, and looks at how governors are responding to changes in performance management read more

Gallions Primary School teaches the entire curriculum through the arts, with fantastic results. Co-heads Paul Jackson and Emma McCarthy explain how it’s done read more

Setting targets is no way to improve educational standards, argues former headteacher and now legal consultant to the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), Richard Bird read more

The role of family link workers is to encourage parents’ participation and interest in school life. Fiona Taylor shares her school’s experience in the benefits of developing this role read more

Pirates, munchkins and football; can you think of interactive ideas to make your lessons more creative? David Morley explains how themes like this can allow you to plan and take ownership of your curriculum, particularly with themed creative events

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Roger Smith considers ways in which headteachers can help their staff make the most of their careers read more

What does the Children’s Plan have to say about shaping up a more emotionally literate education system? read more

Anne Clarke, principal of Benton Park School, discusses the value of departmental SEFs

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Can individual governors really make a difference? Joan Sallis looks at how and why governors should get under the skin of their school read more

Headteacher Kim Sparling shares her school’s experience of the revised reduced tariff inspection, and explains why she found it less stressful than the previous framework read more

What can be achieved by SEAL over three years? Educational psychologist Cate Summers takes a look at results in the London Borough of Westminster read more

Is there a lack of leadership initiative in your governing body? David Marriott looks at the importance of leadership development for governors read more

Some of the key success factors in the development of extended schools provision across a cluster are discussed by Dave Dunkley, headteacher at Coleshill Heath Full Service Extended School in Solihull, and Ruth Shand, lead officer for extended services at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council read more

A number of resources are available when funding school grounds improvements, explains Gill O’Donnell

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