Sue Morris looks at of self-harm and suicidal behaviour in primary school children, including the definitions, prevalence rates and the factors that increase and reduce risk

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All children benefit from exercise – including those with asthma. Understanding the condition can help teachers support those who suffer from it, says Jill Wyatt

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The statistics regarding childhood health and overweight children are alarming, says Roger Smith. Here are some practical suggestions to promote healthy eating habits in children

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As the government looks to include more sport in the curriculum, Crispin Andrews looks at the safety dilemmas involved in using outside staff to deliver activities

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Scientists looking at the world food shortage are wondering whether we should all be eating more insects. This assembly discusses the issue and draws in the serious debate about world food shortages read more

The Staying Safe Action Plan was launched by Ed Balls in February 2008, but what does the government hope to achieve with Staying Safe, and will it work? Susie Roome discusses the policy and practical implications of this three-year strategy read more

Your teaching staff must have the health and physical capacity to teach, but in assessing this you must make sure you comply with disability discrimination rules, says Yvonne Spencer

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Health and safety is not only essential, it can also be a very useful planning tool if approached sufficiently far in advance of a school event read more

The Children’s Plan was launched by Ed Balls in December 2007, but what are the government’s objectives for this initiative? read more

Many schools are happy to leave assessment of health and safety on work experience placements to outside agencies, but does this allow them to properly exercise their duty of care? Ruth Bradbury examines the problems and provides practical advice on how schools can play a more active role in the process read more