A recent survey by the Drinkaware Trust draws attention to the lack of information that 11-16 receive on the dangers of drinking.

A recent survey of 11-16 year olds found that 55% reported that they were more likely to receive education on drug misuse than on drinking and 43% said they had received more sex education than they had on safe drinking. The survey, commissioned by the Drinkaware Trust, the education arm of the safe drinking organisation, The Portman Group, asked questions of 572 male and female pupils aged between 11 and 16 from a range of secondary schools across the UK.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 36% of the pupils didn’t receive any information about safe drinking outside school
  • 55% thought schools should do more about alcohol
  • the average age for a first drink in the sample was 11 24% said they had done something that they regretted when they were under the influence of alcohol.

    Government statistics show that over the last 10 years weekly alcohol consumption amongst the 22% of 11-15 year olds who drink has doubled and that around 1,000 under 15s need emergency treatment for alcohol poisoning each year.

    Streetwise: a resource to help teenagers explore the problem of alcohol misuse

    The Drinkaware Trust have responded to the survey by developing a free resource called ‘Streetwise’, which consists of:

    • an interactive CD-Rom that uses the concept of a virtual town to help pupils explore issues related to alcohol misuse
    • activities to reinforce the messages
    • teacher’s notes and guide.

    The trust has already received over 3,000 requests for the resource, which reflects, perhaps, how many schools are looking for such resources..

    For further information contact the Drinkaware Trust
    Call tel: 020 7907 3700 or visit the Portman Group website at www.portmangroup.org.uk