Did last week seem like a 4-day week??

Well quite aside from what to call the upcoming holiday (I’ve taken to calling it the fake ‘Easter’ holidays) is the question of whether it’s a holiday at all. 

I’ve got to teach 4 days of GCSE revision, plan Key Stage 3 revision and (fairly importantly) prepare for a Deputy Head interview (oh, read back for my thoughts on the joys of being an internal candidate).

I find myself agreeing with Beverley’s comments on another post and wishing that I could go to a website somewhere and find a list of possible interview questions for posts on senior leadership team.

It’s geting to be that time of year again so perhaps I’ll support my readers and start a list of questions for Assistant Headteacher jobs as I’ve been for 4 interviews (this is my second job at that level).  That list will have to be in my next posting because i haven’t even handed in my application form and need to get it finished!