I’ve just spent two hours of my weekend updating the school profile. This was nothing compared to last year, when it needed completely rewriting.

This year, before changing the profile, I met with the Head and we discussed what needed to be changed/omitted/included. So that was half an hour of her precious time taken up during the last week of term.

Now, as far as I understand, the profile is to be written by governors and its aim is to tell parents and other interested parties about the school in non technical terms. Sounds like a great idea. However, when I went onto the website to update it, I was informed that it had been viewed a total of 35 times over the past year. It doesn’t seem that people know that the profiles are there. And thinking about it, when I investigated schools for my children, I first talked to people locally, then looked at the websites and Ofsted reports. I didn’t know back then that the profiles existed.

I wonder if other schools have found the same thing? Have many people visited their profiles? Do they think that people are aware that they exist? It certainly seems a lot of work for something that very few people are using. Or are there any parents out there who have found it useful to read? Does it give you information that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere?