I’m currently updating my school’s maths planning in order to take into account the changes to the numeracy strategy.

Like many schools, our plans are kept electronically in a central resource area, so that the most up-to-date copy of each plan can be accessed by all staff. This provides a perfect opportunity to expose staff to new online resources. The new framework, which I believe is a real step forward, includes a wealth of excellent ICT demonstration tools and pupil activities.

I’ve included a link to each unit’s online resources at the top of our new numeracy plans. All that teachers need to do to incorporate ICT opportunities into their lessons is click on the link during a planning meeting and see what the nice people at the DfES have come up with.

The ICT resource library can be accessed directly from the DfES site. Here’s a sample link to Y6’s unit A1 resources. The other years’ and units’ resources are just a couple of clicks away.