This school resource tackles the issues that those with leadership positions in schools face. It contains worksheets, guides and 20-minute activities designed to help middle leaders develop practical and straightforward procedures that will make a contribution to teaching and learning within their school

This helpful handbook includes practical guidance, models, step-by-step guides and templates that support middle leaders to:

  • adopt a strategic approach in their management

  • lead improvement projects

  • implement development and action plans

  • identify and build on good practice

  • direct others’ learning

  • carry out effective evidence-based practice

  • develop their department as a team.

Improve your Leadership Skills is a valuable resource for:

  • Pastoral leaders

  • Key stage leaders/managers

  • Heads of PSHE and other heads of department

  • Project managers in leadership roles not directly attached to a curriculum subject

The handbook covers the following areas:

Section 1: Strategic leadership of the subject

Section 2: Leading and managing people

Section 3: Leading and managing the curriculum

Section 4: Improving communications

Section 5: Improving your management of resources

Section 6: Responding to and developing policy

Section 7: Quality monitoring in the subject

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