This pack provides a framework that penetrates to the core of teaching and learning, enabling the headteacher, school management team and teachers to focus clearly on the pertinent issues.

This pack will save you and your colleagues valuable time in meetings enabling you to focus on the vision and direction of your school simply by using tried and tested proformas to streamline communication, clarify key issues and focus directly on teaching and learning.

The 24 proformas cover a variety of activities/tasks; some cover basic information while others are more complex. To a lesser or greater degree they are all interrelated, yet can be used in isolation when appropriate. They cover all aspects of school improvement work in a simple and straightforward format.

By using this self-evaluation scheme, school improvement becomes a dynamic and powerful process spreading out in all directions as key players are empowered to make a real difference. The proformas cover four key areas:

  • Teaching and learning
  • The role of the subject coordinator
  • Whole-school development planning
  • Performance management.
  • What benefits will my school gain from using this pack?

Every stakeholder in your school will feel they have a voice through completing one or more versions of the central school development proforma, number 20. This identifies school priorities for improvement. The school will gain a broad view of priorities. If all proformas are given out and returned quickly, you will have a framework for a comprehensive school development plan within just a week.

The self-evaluation proformas cover a variety of activities and task.