Today was the results for my Psychology A Level class. I expected that the results would not be tremendously high, due to the fact that it was their first ever A Level exam. However, I was not expecting the amount of ‘U’s that were on the list. I had to sit down in shock and I burst out crying in front of all the staff.

I was disappointed for the girls who I know had worked hard. On a more selfish level I was afraid that everyone will now think that I’m an awful teacher. I had tried really hard with them and it was also my first set of results, so I just didn’t know what to expect.

When I spoke to the students individually, they had already identified where they had gone wrong and we discussed what we would do to prepare for next time. My failing was that I set too many essays for homework and should have had more in-class tests, so the students could practise timing.

My confidence has been completely knocked and I am worried the students will have less confidence in me as a teacher. My head of department reassured me and encouraged me to look at the students who had done well – proving that I could produce the results.

I guess this is all a learning curve for both the students and me, now we just need to pick up the pieces and progress!