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With a range of class exercises and debates, this resource looks at the effects drugs have on individuals and their families.Includes a range of short films on drug and alcohol education, including binge drinking, smoking and illegal drug use. Vox pop films feature puppets from all walks of life offering a range of thoughtful views on UK drug culture.

An exciting game that addresses the issues of drug abuseTeaches the priceless lesson of the true-life consequences resulting from drug abuse, and the rewards of making good decisions versus the disasters of making wrong ones.

Help students to think about the dangers of substance abuse with a game full of insightful facts.Players respond to true-false statements concerning the health hazards, realitiesand misconceptions of using and abusing drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This is a collection of activities to enable young people to talk about drugs and drug issues from a third person’s point of view.This will enable them to explore the problem in a non-threatening, relaxed, learning environment and develop their own harm-reduction strategies.

This DVD contains four films covering both drugs and alcohol.Drugs … A Simple Choice (18 minutes – all ages)Have a Good Time (23 minutes – age 10+)Alcohol in the Dock (20 minutes – age 12+)Learning Together (13 minutes – age 5+)

75 exciting, engaging questions to teach students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.An extremely fun way to introduce and review drug abuse and students can play individually or in groups.