Here’s the next thrilling installment, folks! I’m not sure if I’ve put in previous blogs that many of these responsibilities can, and usually are passed on to the head teacher.

16) Inspections: Once the head teacher has notified the GB of an Ofsted inspection, the GB must inform parents and give them an opportunity to express their views on the school to the inspectors. The LA must also be informed, along with the local Learning and Skills Council (secondary schools) plus whoever appoints governors at Voluntary Aided schools. If there are any children at the school who are looked after by the LA, then the appropriate person at the LA should also be informed.

Once a school receives its Ofsted report, the GB is responsible for sending a copy to parents within 5 working days. It must also be made available to anyone who asks for a copy.

As well as any Ofsted inspection, schools of religious character must have the content of their act of collective worship and religious instruction inspected every 3 years.

17) Health and Safety: The GB is responsible for the health and safety of pupils. Schools must have a health and safety policy and must have the means of ensuring it is followed. Risk assessments must be carried out by members of staff who are suitably trained.

Schools should have a policy for managing medicines and helping children with medical needs.

Governors should be looking at having a school travel plan by the end of the decade, though this is not statutory.

GBs are responsible for keeping the land that is under their control free from litter, refuse and dog excrement as far as is possible.

Free school meals must be provided to certain groups of children (details are given on page 147 of the Guide to the Law). All food provided (either free meals, or paid for meals) must meet certain nutritional standards.

Pupils must have access to drinking water.

Schools must have effective child protection procedures and policies.

GBs have a responsibility to promote community cohesion. This is new since 2007, and has been inspected from Sept 2008.