I have just read about Fielder’s latest Deep Learning Day, and it is great to see how one topic can be used across the curriculum to make a subject more impactful and inspiring. Especially to read this the morning after Milly (my daughter in Year 2) came home to tell me that she has been learning about the Great Fire of London. It is unusual for her to tell me anything about school, so I was cautious when I responded not to expect too much info. However, she went on to tell me dates, times, names of roads, numbers of houses destroyed, people killed and even the fact that Samuel Pepys buried his wine and cheese in the garden before escaping. She’s only been back at school for three days since the holidays, and her depths of learning were incredible. I was truly impressed, but what thrilled me most was that, after insisting we went to the library to get a book so that she could learn more, she sighed and said; “I just love history. It’s so exciting”.

Over the course of the evening, she told me about drawings, mindmaps, songs, and a dance routine they had done, all based on the subject. It seems that they have been absolutely immersed in the subject. It also seems to me that her teacher must love history too – and I am so grateful to him for passing his enthusiasm on to her.