It’s as if I’m in a different World now that the job is on hold until January. Finally I can focus on the expedition. Up until two days ago I had been saying that I was excited about going South, but not really  feeling it; my head was too full of tutor group, lessons and cross-curricula projects (and before you say it, yes, I am a typical male and can only focus on one thing at a time!). However, that has all changed. This evening I was talking to PGCE students at Oxford University and I felt genuinely excited (and nervous) about the expedition, so much so my words were muddle a all … for those who were listening Punta Arenas is nicknamed ‘arse of the World’, it does not translate to it!

Do you want to feel the same way? If so, then have a read of this advert released today (go for it, it’s a hell of a ride … and I haven’t even left yet!):

The Fuchs Foundation Arctic Expedition 2009

Wanted: Practicing [Real] teachers for serious science in the Arctic

The Fuchs Foundation is announcing plans to recruit teachers for a unique expedition to the Arctic. This is the second Fuchs Foundation Expedition involving teachers. The expedition will help to fulfil the long term aim of The Fuchs Foundation to inspire a new generation of teachers and so inspire young scientists.

Applications are invited from Secondary teachers teaching Geography, Science and Sport Science. Teachers need to be practising at present and at the time of the expedition.

The teachers selected will develop (in conjunction with polar scientists) a science project linked to their subject. One that is simple, effective and can contribute a real difference to polar science. Pupils will be able to follow their teacher’s progress on the expedition and the science project. On return to the UK the teachers will need to follow up their field work in the local and national educational community.

The expedition will depart UK for the High Arctic in the school summer holidays of 2009 and will be away for a maximum of 5 weeks. Prior to this, full training will be given to the teachers in the UK and an overseas location.

How to Apply

Applicants are to complete a letter of application which will include the following:

  • Ideas for a viable science project
  • Support from their school
  • Ability to impart the science and their experiences to a wider audience on return
  • Ability to raise between £6 000 and £8 000 towards expedition costs
  • Reasons for undertaking the expedition
  • Completion of the enclosed questionnaire

Applications must be typed and double spaced.

Following the Application Letter applicants will be short listed for a Selection & Recruitment session from 11th- 14th February 2008

Deadline for Completed Applications is: December 31st 2007

 Letters of application should be sent to:

 Bull Precision Expeditions Ltd (BPE) at [email protected] enquires are welcome via e-mail or 01623 626559

 Potential applicants are welcome to contact BPE for more information.