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Every August exam results are in the media spotlight; but what we focused on better parenting and better teaching instead? Bill Lucas explores parental involvement


How one assistant headteacher is spending her summer break.

In my own school, and I suspect in many others, each summer holiday sees the introduction of more and more ICT equipment.


Planning for teacher learning has to be a key priority, says David Leat.


Developing children’s thinking and understanding of their own learning is a key factor in effective primary teaching. By encouraging your pupils to think about their learning, you will help them to grow into effective learners. So how can you achieve this successfully? Thinking Through Primary Teaching by Steve Higgins with Viv Baumfield can help.


This brand new title, by Claire Harbottle with Genevieve Barlow, is designed to help you to apply thinking skills strategies in the important wider area of Personal Social and Health Education.


This award-winning publication by Anne de A Echevarria and David Leat helps schools, teachers and pupils move onto a more sophisticated level of thinking skills. Read on to find out how this amazing new title can help you and your pupils.