Last week of term, but still no let up. I am interviewing today.

I always enjoy interviewing, however I’m still tired and there is a lot to arrange and organise:

  • catering,
  • coffee for start and buffet lunch,
  • tours of school,
  • staff to observe practical exercise,
  • copies of the short written task,
  • the formal interviews themselves.

Some people say I ask too much of candidates, but I think that it’s important to give each potential employee an opportunity to show their abilities in different ways.

The life-blood of Teaching Assistants is working with young people, how can I employ someone without seeing them interact with some of our students?

At some stage every member of staff in a school has to make decisions on their own and take the initiative. A short written task based on a typical scenario allows candidates to show their thought processes and outline preferred outcomes.

Then I conduct the interviews themselves, and the value of the positions is clear from a whole school perspective. The new Head was involved for the whole day.  This really does show that we are an inclusive school.

In the end I made three good appointments, a good mix.  I am really pleased.

Time for a well-earned drink, only two days left!