Reindeers, snow, Santa and bad tempers seem wholly unseasonable at the moment, but when we return in September it will be time to start planning for the festive period.

Come the Christmas rush, many of us are eager to find projects related to the time of year. If those projects fill the school’s coffers and make the parents happy, all the better.

One such project is to make Christmas cards. I don’t mean those things made out of sugar paper and sparkles, but instead the real deal. There are websites out there that will turn a child’s hand-drawn design into a genuine, bona fide card, just like you get in Clinton’s. The children draw the design, the company prints it, and you sell it to the parents.

Two such companies who provide this service are, and . Both firms will print out your pupils’ work.

Not only is it fun, but it’s a good example of an enterprise project that the pupils can run, and it ticks the Every Child Matters and SEF boxes that relate to economic wellbeing.

Who ever thought that something good could come from Christmas?