Neil Short looks at the second and third stages of the PM cycle: monitoring and review. read more

Most schools have not kept up with what management information systems can do for them, says education writer and former headteacher Gerald Haigh. Here he illustrates how they can make more of equipment they already have in school. read more

Did the referee mean to praise the candidate or warn you off? Is a string of previous jobs a negative factor? Headteacher Carole Farrar looks at how to weigh up the information when appointing early years staff. read more

Teacher absences can cause financial difficulties. There is no easy solution to the problem of supply cover costs, but more effective management can reduce negative impacts. Ruth Bradbury shares her advice

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Effective school leadership and senior management teams examine their own practices and ask themselves if they are really doing all they can to create the conditions in which pupils and staff can work to their full potential at all levels, at all times. This section covers a wide range of leadership skills and management functions which enable a school to achieve a ‘high-performance culture’ – focusing on individual job roles as well as whole-school ethos.