Author: Peter Bloomfield – primary; Stuart Thompson – secondary; photographs by Harry Cory Wright

Wow! – bring excitement back into the classroom. Experience joy, wonder and exercise imagination as you explore places around the coast of the British Isles.

The real voyage of discovery consistes not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

The breathtaking large format photography of Harry Cory Wright is awe inspiring and to this we have added carefully prepared teaching pathways which take you into and through the pictures. Both teacher guides are prepared by expert teachers

Each pack comprises:

4 BIG books of photographs (300x370mm)

12 A5 photographs printed on stout card for class use

2 full colour posters (600x800mm)

Teacher resource handbook: 32 page A4 photocopiable

ISBN:1 899857 65 6 / 1 899857 70 2