making-meaning-4295337Making Meaning is a practical resource to help you with teaching and learning within your classroom. It is designed to get to the essence of how children and adults make sense of complex information and develop meaningful ideas for themselves.

‘This is a really practical and useful collection of ideas for teachers. Moreover, the text is rich in case studies outlining projects and showing students engrossed in developing thinking skills through discussion and debate. The many examples of different kinds of mindmaps indicate the flexible use of the logovisual materials.’ Belle Wallace – editor or Gifted Education International

Making Meaning introduces ‘logovisual thinking’, a method of creative thinking that teachers can use to enhance their students’ understanding of how they learn.

The methods used in Making Meaning help teachers to:

  • encourage student participation in active enquiry, irrespective of individual learning styles or ability
  • make thinking processes more visual
  • help learners, themselves and other school staff understand complexity and diversity within school
  • facilitate constructive and creative learning relationships.

For learners Making Meaning will:

  • activate higher levels of thinking
  • produce understanding through discovery
  • develop social and communication skills in small-group and plenary work.

For teachers Making Meaning will:

  • support facilitation of both higher- and lower-level thinking
  • give structure to enquiry and exploration.

Rich and varied case studies show the range and depth of applications. The 18 examples cover various parts of the curriculum, assessment studies and management issues. They also demonstrate making meaning in individual, small-group, class and large-group settings.