This easy-to-use guide will help you monitor and evaluate performance in your school using SIMS, enabling you to support school improvement and assessment for learning. By Anthony Powell

The Making the most of series looks at key issues that matter to schools and then goes on to explain how SIMS can be used to achieve the school’s goals.

The books provide easily digested information that starts by addressing the key principles and then shows you how to fully exploit the capability of SIMS software to carry out vital tasks and contribute to enhancing whole school performance.

Assessment for Learning: The Path to Primary School Improvement concentrates on using the Assessment Manager and Performance Analysis modules of SIMS, showing you how these modules can be used easily and efficiently to support school improvement and in particular assessment for learning.

This book progresses logically through the process and can either be used as a start-to-finish guide for teachers who are new to SIMS or as chapters in isolation to deal with specific areas if a school or a teacher is only interested in covering one topic.  It is intended for managers and leaders who want to see a discussion of the key issues and then be enabled to find out how a good management information system can help them.

This book will help you to support assessment for learning and school improvement by providing an easy guide to:

  • Using SIMS software to analyse current data and make predictions for the future
  • Producing analysis that can have an immediate impact on school performance
  • Looking for different patterns of attainment and achievement using a range of graphical tools