Use SIMS software effectively to improve attendance and attainment. By Anthony Powell

In the past, the task of recording and analysing absence could be daunting, but with advances in technology schools can now collect the required data, update it and put it to use within the school day.  Using SIMS software, data can not only be entered easily and frequently, the information in the system can be interrogated in a myriad of ways and can then be used to lead to intervention.

The bestselling Making the most of series looks at key issues that matter to schools and then goes on to explain how SIMS can be used to achieve the school’s goals.

The books provide easily digested information that starts by addressing the key principles and then shows you how to fully exploit the capability of SIMS software to carry out vital tasks and contribute to enhancing whole school performance.

Making the most from Improving School Attendance will show you how to use the attendance module of SIMS to improve attendance, resulting in enhanced performance and attainment for your students and the school as a whole.

How does the Attendance Module help to improve school attendance?

The Attendance Module records whole school attendance registration data (am and pm sessions). It fulfils school legal requirements for recording and monitoring attendance data and is used to transfer this information to the DCSF through census collections throughout the academic year. It also has an extensive reporting facility, enabling schools to monitor and analyse attendance data effectively. 

There are many advantages to using an electronic registration system, with extensive scope for improving attendance levels. Improving School Attendance will enable you to use SIMS software to:

  • Access data and information that is more accurate and is easily altered and updated when needed
  • Make attendance information available almost immediately to anyone throughout the whole school, so everybody can monitor attendance for their own
  • Analyse your attendance data, helping to identify specific trends for absenteeism, boys and girls, or even a certain year group
  • Use this analysis to inform and support interventions that can lead to improving attendance and therefore attainment

The book starts by discussing the key issues around attendance and using SIMS software, then progresses logically through the process of using the attendance module, showing you how to use it to help achieve the school’s goals surrounding this important area.

It will show you how to use the attendance module effectively and to maximum benefit, designed to help the school Attendance Officer and any other staff enter the data and interrogate it.