To mark Martin Luther King day, students wrote poems on social responsibility themes

A Perfect Dream
by Christy

A world with no war, A world with no poor, A world with no fear, No danger near, No discrimination, Across the nations, A world with so much love, No hate, no danger, that’s all above, No racism for any people,

But sadly, it’s not that simple.

No weapons made, No war games played, There’s a dream that will never come, There’s only one, there’s only one, This perfect future is what I dream,

But sadly that’s not how it seems.

Should I?
by Kirsty

Am I not good enough to live a life? Because I have different colour skin When I think of tomorrow I think of peace and love No more war and fighting

Would be such a perfect life

Should I live my life in fear? Because of who I am Give up my dreams And give up hope

Because I’m not like you

Should I make my dream reality? Or let the hatred stay? I wish the world could work together

I want my dream to come true!

I have a dream
by Sam

I had a dream last night That racism would stop

White and black would become one

I had a dream last night That terrorism would stop

Terrorists would just go away

I had a dream last night That the would be peace in the world

The world would be perfect

Then I woke up
How I wish dreams were real

by Zach

Imagine a world without discrimination, Where we all stand together as one united nation, Where racism is out, And friendship is in,

We are all different in our own unique way.

For we can make a difference every single day, Equality is all we want, is that a lot to ask? Let’s be honest, lets be frank,

It’s not a lot to ask

Imagine a world where dictators don’t dictate, And where weapons are non-existent, Where terrorism was not an option, And peace was a way of life,

So catch the wind in your sails.

And sail towards your dreams, The world can be a better place

Or that’s the way it seems.

A Dream
by Thomas

Have you ever dreamed a dream? A dream that is worth dreaming Then go catch that dream If you don’t catch it now Then I would ask you how

How would that dream come true?

Have you ever dreamed a dream? A dream that is worth dreaming I have, I have dreamed about peace I have caught that dream of peace Where a newborn child black or white Means something to everyone A life is a life

A colour is just a colour.

My Dream
by James

I have a dream, That racism will stop, I have a dream, No more name calling, I have a dream,

That all colours and religious will become one

No more terrorism, No more apartheid, No more democracy,

It can and will become reality