Bringing you the best from the Primary Assembly File plus more new assemblies in one handy book! Edited by Gerald Haigh.

This compilation offers over 40 assemblies, providing some of the favourites from the Primary Assembly File as well as a complete set of additional assemblies.

This collection of favourite assemblies is divided into very accessible themes. As with all pfp assemblies each one is all clear and to the point, with aims set out at the start. The assemblies can be used with a minimum of preparation if necessary or can form the core of a carefully planned approach to a school-wide topic if required.

The assemblies in this collection will enable you to:

  • Engage pupils’ interest

  • Encourage pupils to reflect on their own moral, social and cultural development

  • Develop specific lines of discussion in class, encouraging pupils to respond to the subjects covered

Each assembly starts from the concerns and preoccupations of the children themselves, provided through a consistent approach.

This collection covers Key Stage 2 and will make it easy for you to develop specific lines of discussion in class. This resource will:

  • Help you plan – you can plan your year’s cycle of assemblies well in advance
  • Save you time – you will only need to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with each assembly


The collection includes assemblies for Key Stage 2 in each of the following 8 sets:

1 Family Worries (4 assemblies) 2 Family joys (5 assemblies) 3 Memories (5 assemblies) 4 At school (5 assemblies) 5 Heroes and leaders (5 assemblies) 6 Caring for the Earth (6 assemblies) 7 Taking responsibility (5 assemblies) 8 How Do I Feel About This? (5 brand new assemblies)