This primary assembly has a theatrical theme, using the phenomenon that is ‘High School Musical’ to explore the enjoyment of live theatre and celebrating differences read more

This week, continuing our subject-specific guidance, we’re looking at how teachers and TAs can support pupils with SEN in music lessons, as well as how music may be used in other situations. read more

This week’s activities take examples from recent news to encourage pupils to think about the sounds that are all around them and the power of community read more

Developing pupils’ creative thinking skills, drawing on recent events for inspiration read more

Can music have beneficial effects in the classroom? Teachers in a Warwickshire school set out to test theories that Mozart’s music stimulates learning, as Dr James Haughton reports

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Are pupils with special educational needs receiving the level of music provision they ought, as LAs and schools are getting more money for it than ever before?

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Invite your pupils to become published music critics with the Bachtrack Young Reviewer programme read more

Gallions Primary School teaches the entire curriculum through the arts, with fantastic results. Co-heads Paul Jackson and Emma McCarthy explain how it’s done read more

Gill O’Donnell describes funding available from the organisation Youth Music

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Patricia Lee explains how supporting children’s musical creativity can contribute to their sense of self-worth and emotional wellbeing

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Some people find it easier to work with steady, gentle background sound rather than absolute silence, writes Mark McKergow

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Mark McKergow suggests ways of using music to stimulate creativity in your pupils read more

Mark McKergow describes how music can be used at the end of your lessons, as a soundtrack for your students to review their learning read more

Mike Rathbone reports on developments to make every child’s music matter read more

Patricia Lee explores practical ways for you to introduce children to musical concepts and elements. read more

Dr Christine Fanthome outlines the multiple benefits that singing in a choir has for PSHE

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A second report from the Music Manifesto group has recommended a series of steps to improve music education at maintained schools in England

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Patricia Lee explains how we can help children to acquire ‘pitch’

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Antidote development director Marilyn Tew describes what she learned from a recent seminar on how music education affects student wellbeing. read more

Patricia Lee continues her exploration of music for young children. read more

Nick Smurthwaite investigates current developments in radio for young children. read more

Leonora Davies, chair of the Music Education Council, talks to Nick Smurthwaite about the vital role of music and movement in early years development. read more

Pat Lee begins her series on developing music within the Foundation Stage by looking at using music to enhance children’s social and emotional development

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Do you like to use moments of quietness and reflection in your classes? Do you like to tell stories while the pupils listen attentively? If so, consider using music as a soundtrack to boost visualisation and imagination, suggests Mark McKergow read more

Our multi-cultural arts day was aimed at Year 7 students and was one of a programme of stop days around global citizenship in our school. read more

Mark McKergow explains how to develop soundtracks for your classroom – and highlights the benefits read more

Music can be used as themain activity in the classroom todeliver subject content, as it is motivating and inspiring. Here are some practical ideas from Sarah Todd, an AST at Stanchester School near Yeovil. read more