This time next week, like all the rest of you that are moving to a new job, I’ll be double checking everything, wondering how I’ll get to sleep as I’m over excited and worrying about my first day in a new school.   Over the next week, I shall be sharing my thoughts, tips and ideas, just as they come to me, about how to prepare for moving jobs. These are likely to apply whether it’s your first ever school or if you’re changing schools or have been promoted.  

My first tip is ‘make your space your own’.  We all have somewhere that’s just ours. It may be a whole classroom, an office or just a pigeon hole, what ever it is PERSONALISE IT! 

  •  My office was being repainted anyway so I asked if I could pick the colour – it’s in buttermilk, the same as my home-office.
  • I’ve moved in my herb and fruit tea bags and my Mrs. O’C mug. I always feel so virtuous drinking fruity teas at school. It’s as if I’m above needing caffeine fixes at work, they certainly help me keep calm and the smell of camomile and apple or a blueberry breezer permeates my office and creates a haven of calm (or so I imagine anyway).
  •  My name is on my office door, if you notice it’s still the previous occupant’s name – get on to somebody, it’s the least they could do to make you feel welcome.

  If you’re not lucky enough to have a classroom or office you can still add a touch of home comforts to the place – bring your favourite plant into the staffroom and vow to keep it healthy or stick a sticker on your pigeon hole name tag, make the picture something only you’ll know the meaning of.  

Feeling at home should help keep the stress levels down.  Good luck!

There is more about moving schools from a Head of Department’s prospective here.