One week done, and I now feel able to start the second week positively and much more like ‘me’!

The first week of a new academic year is often a strange one. New staff, new systems and structures, but same old place and routines.

This week was a particularly difficult one for me. I’m not sure why – the seven year itch perhaps? I didn’t sleep very well and felt a little unsure of things.

However after a good sleep Friday night and an extra afternoon off as our penultimate cricket fixture was lost to the weather, my perspective returns. I am starting to feel the buzz again; the enchantment of being a SENCo is flooding back.

The new systems support students with additional needs much better, but change is a difficult thing for anyone, let alone young people with autistic spectrum needs. Two of our students in particular have found it very difficult to understand the need for all the changes. Why is the school different colours? Why are they now in colleges and not year groups?

The first week is difficult for all of us, from the NQT to the most experienced teacher, to the Head and the year 7 students; we all find the first week hard. But together, with a supportive environment, things are much easier.

Maybe this will help other staff and students who haven’t found their feet as quickly this year?