For teachers at primary schools, the requirement of PE hours taught per week has risen from two to five. Crispin Andrews talks to primary headteachers about how they are coping with this change

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A ready-to-print PE resource: this free teaching activity, a students’ fitness diary template for you to print out and use, allows pupils to create their own fitness programme

Ten free lesson plans for PE teachers for Key Stages 3 to 4, teaching a range of physical education skills to improve tactics and health

Suggestions for PE lessons plans for year 6, to strengthen the links between primary practices and the KS2 and KS3 cross-over

Eight free lesson plans for PE teachers for Key stages 3 to 4, teaching a range of PE skills to improve tactics and health


This ready-to-use, sports-themed activity will help enrich your gifted and talented students in the areas of personal management, exam and interview preparation and psychology

Just weeks before the Beijing Olympics, 22-year-old British heptathlon star, Jessica Ennis, one of our hopes for a medal, received the news that she cannot compete, having fractured her ankle in competition. Jessica’s disappointment and her courageous response to the dreadful blow form the theme of this assembly read more

Crispin Andrews speaks to practitioners in order to examine the challenges and the opportunities for pupils with SEBD in PE read more

Governors have a great chance to improve pupils opportunities for taking part in physical activity, with the government’s school sport strategy read more

Angela Youngman looks at some innovative ideas to get children moving read more


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