Primary Assemblies for SEAL is a collection of 40 original primary assemblies covering the five areas outlined in the primary SEAL programme. These SEAL assemblies will support your commitment to embedding emotional learning in your school

Written by Gerald Haigh and Jane West

With the implementation of the social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL) it is important for schools to embed the SEAL ethos across the whole school. One effective way to complement and support the SEAL programme is to use your school assemblies.

Primary Assemblies for SEAL is a collection of 40 assemblies covering:

  • self-awareness
  • managing feelings
  • motivation
  • empathy
  • social skills

Each assembly features a different story with different characters and themes to provide your students with lessons to help them towards a life of peace, strength and emotional stability.

The assemblies are ready to use, and you can rely on the content.

Tailor-made to follow the SEAL agenda

  • New beginnings
  • Getting on and falling out
  • Say no to bullying
  • Going for goals
  • Good to be me
  • Relationships and changes

Each assembly can also be used completely independently of SEAL and are designed to be perfect for all pupils, regardless of age or ability.

Save time – no need for preparation!

The stories within each assembly are clear with lots of characters. Simple, predominantly family or school, settings are used, against which familiar dilemmas, problems and joyful events are played out. Each assembly is written to be read aloud meaning that you can pick an assembly off the shelf and deliver it minutes later with the confidence, knowing that you can rely on the content at those times when there is little or no time to prepare.

Tailor-made to suit your own approach

Each assembly offers the chance for your pupils to participate so that they can become fully involved in the meaning of the story being told and therefore understand the message more clearly.

Though there are clear indicators within most of the assemblies, we have made sure that all of the assemblies included have room for you to be able to tailor them to your school’s needs. We have made sure that nothing can get in the way of individual approaches to delivering an assembly.

Story themes include: bereavement, moving to a new country, working together, supporting each other, dealing with complex emotions, falling out with each other, ways of tacking bullying, exam nerves, perserverance, achieving goals, self-confidence, community, responsibility.