Author: Primary Leadership

Personnel Issues focuses on personnel issues from the perspective of the head, the governing body, and staff and pupils too.

The first articles help you to:

  • Effectively manage your supply staff – ensure successful recruitment, management and training of supply staff>
  • Ensure effective delegation – what can you delegate, and to whom? We show you practical examples that have worked in other schools that you may want to try yourself
  • Promote racial harmony – a practical approach to dealing with racial issues in your school
  • Recruiting a first-class deputy – we provide advice on identifying the sort of person your school needs, and help for governors as they prepare to advertise the post, shortlist candidates and go through the interview process.

Articles reflecting broader issues include:

  • Raising boys’ achievement – using different approaches to teaching and learning to help raise achievement
  • Creating equality of education – ways to ensure equality of education for all your pupils
  • Learn from different styles of leadership – we use current research to suggest ways for you to improve and develop your own style of leadership.