Author: Primary Leadership

Promoting Your School contains articles on promoting and ensuring the long-term success of your school.

These include:

  • Consulting your stakeholders – practical pointers for effective consultation of parents and staff, the local community and your pupils themselves
  • Showing parents around the school – get tips on how to market your school when showing prospective parents around
  • Leading your staff through inspection – practical strategies that will help you to lead your staff through the inspection process – before, during and after.

Other articles include:

  • The creative curriculum – Sue Alton’s school piloted the new approach to teaching and learning. Here she shows you how you could use effective techniques in your school
  • The role of the head – we take a look at the true nature of the your role and help you plan for your own professional development
  • S4: keep it up to date – it is good practice to keep this form up to date each year as part of your school self-evaluation. We show you how to complete this task in a manageable way.