Any primary school teachers out there with workshop ideas? I’m organising a few Antarctica mornings for local primaries and I’m trying to work out what to do

Phil Avery, our Teaching on Ice blogger, is planning some Antarctic workshops for local primary schools…but he’s a secondary teacher, so any tips from primary teachers would be welcome!

Currently my plan is to have three workshops:

  1. Penguin Huddling. One of the ways penguins adapt to the harsh conditions of Antarctica is grouping together. After lots of cool slides of wildlife I intend to take the children outside, huddle them together and get them to measure temperatures on the outside and inside of the group to see the difference body heat makes.
  2. Designing Sledging Flags. Sledging flags aid identification of skiers; this will be necessary on my expedition as we will all be wearing identical kit and visibility is often poor due to drifting snow. The flags should be a way for the children to consider what they are like and then working out how to express this in pictures/emblems.
  3. Kit Lists. By thinking about what they would take on an expedition to Antarctica, it will get them to think about the conditions they would face. Ideas will be encouraged through using visual displays of mountaineering equipment, old kit and modern kit.

Any comments and further ideas gratefully received! Please leave them on my blog: Teaching on Ice