I need to rant and on here seems as good a place as any.

Firstly – another power cut yesterday afternoon. I completely misunderstood the problem; it was an internal fuse that had been blown. Not the sort that 10 minutes with the caretaker and a piece of fuse wire would fix but 1 hour with EDF energy having to be rung and then rubber gloves and face masks!

Somebody is plugging in a Christmas present and blowing the fuse – Sarah, the Bursar sent round an email asking us all to check carefully and consider what we’ve been doing the last two Mondays in a row!!

Secondly – our trainee teacher Saffron seemed to spend all of yesterday drinking tea and chatting with the other trainees. I asked about copies of lesson plans for her lesson today (as I need 24 hours in advance to have any hope of giving her meaningful feedback)

– “Oh it will be fine, I’ll email them” she simpers

At 7.09 this morning I get an email from her saying “I’ll just be observing you today and then teaching next lesson”. No apology, not even the grace to admit that she hadn’t done her planning and was just passing her problem back to me. Especially cowardly doing it in an email (and why not last night to give me more time).

I went mad at Nigel (who’s her mentor) and then bunged a whole load of photocopying in preparation for my lesson at her (activity resources not just worksheets) and THEN taught a fab lesson just to make myself feel better and also to help pile on the guilt (oh I’m mean I know it).

After words with Nigel she did apologise to me and we had a good debrief but HOW unprofessional!

Lastly I’m still at school at 7.45pm as the Chair of the PTFA decided last week that we needed an additional meeting. I did complain that I have Parents Evening and another session of senior team bonding – 3 late nights out in the second week back is a killer.

If one, just one, parent at parents evening mentions the long school holidays I may not be able to hold myself back.