Protecting Children Update is a concise and practical newsletter written specifically for, and totally dedicated to, teachers and education staff with child protection responsibilities

You have a statutory responsibility to safeguard and protect children at your school. But with the maze of legislation, guidance and advice available about child protection how can you get a clear understanding of what your obligations are?

Published 10 times a year each issue of Protecting Children Update will provide articles on different aspects of child abuse and child protection work, helping you now and in the future. Case studies and articles describing examples of good practice offer you an opportunity to hear about how others in the same role have tackled a range of difficult or sensitive situations.

Protecting Children Update will keep busy professionals up to date with all the changes and developments that are constantly evolving in this important area, ensuring you feel confident and competent in your role and in carrying out your responsibilities. Recent examples include, but are not limited to:

  • The Vetting and Barring Scheme
  • The Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment guidance
  • The schools role in child protection plans
  • Making referrals through ContactPoint
  • Developing child protection in work placements

With all of these changes and responsibilities in mind schools need to be making sure that all their staff are aware of procedures that they need to follow in order to maintain the safety of their students. Child protection is on everyone’s agenda. However, the complexity and sensitivity of the issue can leave professionals feeling isolated, overwhelmed and out of touch.

Protecting Children Update is written specifically for professionals working in education who have child protection responsibilities including:

  • Named persons in schools and in further education establishments
  • Headteachers
  • Designated LA Officers
  • Education Social Workers and Welfare Officers
  • Named Governors
  • Learning Mentors.

Here is what a few of our subscribers have to say:

“Protecting Children Update is very good at providing information about a wide range of child protection issues and an invaluable source of information about new initiatives.” Mrs. Sue Brosnan, Child Protection Coordinator, Brookfields School

“I have used some of the artricles to help when delivering child protection training to staff within the school.” Jeanette Lockyer, Child Protection Coordinator, Ravens Wood School

“Protecting Children Update is a good guide for up to date information relating to child protection issues.” Rob Casey, Child Protection Coordinator, St John Houghton Catholic School

“Protecting Children Update is very good at providing information about a wide range of child protection issues and an invaluable source of information about new initiatives.” Paul Saunders, Safeguarding Manager for Education, Derbyshire LEA

“Excellent guidance material. Most helpful for policy writing and pushing our Every Child Matters agenda forward.” Anne White, Director of Students, St. John Rigby College

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