This free downloadable resource for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) provides ready-to-use templates for provision mapping and effective monitoring of intervention programmes and strategies

Provision Mapping and Intervention Planning

This resource provides principles and useful templates for effective special educational needs provision mapping and will help you to monitor and evaluate the progress of intervention strategies.

Developing your special educational needs provision map involves the following steps which are explained further in this resource:

Step 1: Capture your current provision Step 2: Audit the projected need for each year group within the school Step 3: Compare projected needs (Step 2) with current pattern of provision (Step 1) and identify any ‘gaps’ Step 4: Consider the research evidence of what works Step 5: Cost your provision including identified ‘gaps’ and prioritise additional provision Step 6: Evaluate the impact of provision through student progress outcomes Step 7: Evaluate effectiveness

Step 8: Review the provision map

Edited by Sue Soan

This resource is an extract from The SENCO Handbook.

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