I would like to point anyone who is interested in children, (be they a teacher, governor, parent or none of the above) towards an article in the Daily Mail. Yes, I know, it surprised me too – I’m not a Daily Mail reader and I came across this when looking for something else – but it is absolutely excellent and tells us a few home truths.

It calls for us all to take responsibility for young people today, to do everything we can to help them develop into responsible, happy adults. Sadly, as a society, we are failing them miserably. It says everything I would like to say in this blog far better than I could possibly say it.

So, please, please, please read it. And let’s all think about how we can action some of it, either as parents, teachers, governors, as members of a community or as political leaders (yeah, as if any of those would be reading your blog, Libby. Dream on).