The pressures on schools these days often generate high levels of anxiety in staff and students. Emotional literacy is a strategy for transforming this anxiety, and other difficult emotions, into productive energy. Raising Achievement Update, edited by James Park, will help you to implement this in your school.

The government’s new commitment to ‘social and emotional competence’ is creating opportunities for schools to do work on creating an emotionally literate environment for staff and students. The challenge is to find a way to take advantage of these openings.

Raising Achievement Update will be a practical guide to emotional literacy for anyone wanting to create a healthier teaching and learning environment in their school. Month by month, it will guide you through the latest innovative practice being developed by teachers and headteachers across the UK. It will tell you about the research that backs up the value of what they are doing, and the policy changes that will affect your capacity to move forward with this exciting new agenda.

Each issue will give you a chance to:

  • Discover how other managers and teachers are using emotional literacy to create positive learning communities where there is less stress and more energy, less conflict and more enjoyment, less mediocrity and more achievement;
  • Work out ways of integrating emotional literacy into other school strategies – national curriculum, PSHE, citizenship, NHSS, inclusion – into an overall approach to creating a whole-school environment that enables everyone to realise more of their potential.

Frequency: 10 times per annum (no issues in January and August)

Extent: 12 pages per issue

Note: the two year subscription rate includes a 20% discount off the second year.