EXCLUSIVE DELEGATE AREA Dear colleague, Thank you for your attendance at the Raising achievement with APP conference on 25 February 2010 in London. As a delegate, you can now access a variety of resources from the conference, including speakers’ PowerPoint presentations and handouts where available, so you can more easily share with your colleagues what you learned on the day – and you’ll also get to see what you missed out on in the other seminar sessions.

Simply click any of the files you’d like and enter your user name and password. Once logged in you’ll be redirected to the resources page.

Many thanks to all speakers who kindly granted permission for use of their materials.

Please note that Internet Explorer 6 users will experience problems downloading the files. Please upgrade your browser or use an alternative one.

Session 2A & 3A: Andy BrumbySession 1C: Annabel CharlesSession 2C: Terry HandleySession3D: Crichton Casbon