An exciting new Geography resource was launched at the Geographical Association annual conference 2007.

Reading our Landscapes is a new, beautifully illustrated book by Charles Rawding, which shows how approaches to the study of landscape – in its broadest sense – can reaffirm the relevance of Geography to pupils’ everyday lives.

Reading our Landscapes provides an effective framework for developing a dynamic approach to Geography in the classroom. Packed with photographs and activities, Charles Rawding’s book anticipates the major conceptual changes embodied in the draft proposals for the new National Curriculum, and will stimulate discussion of current developments.

Reading our Landscapes will:

  • Provide your students with a conceptual framework for interpreting landscapes
  • Provide practical resources to help your students to achieve a deeper understanding of the world around them
  • Create a philosophical framework for the study of geography that focuses on processes and emphasises change
  • Encourage your students to be more self-reflective in order to develop higher-level thinking skills
  • Encourage your students to relate what they see around them to the ideas discussed in the book
  • Reinforce the dynamism and relevance of landscapes and of Geography as a subject

The book is divided into ten parts. Each section incorporates case study material and activities designed to support the themes being discussed. The teaching resources are also provided in electronic form, on an accompanying CD-Rom.

Download sample pages on industrial landscapes and describing landscapes .

To view more sample pages and to order the book, click here.