Following on from Libby’s comments on my post about how some teachers don’t know how lucky they are I’ve decided to try to refocus some of the more cynical of our experienced staff through a series of articles in our weekly staff sheet and backing them up through our positive thinking briefings.

Firstly, tying up with the idea of New Year’s resolutions – last week’s assembly focusing on is your life ‘rich’ (no this was not a credit crunch reference) and more importantly are your lessons ‘rich’?

Some Maths ideas about rich tasks can be found on this nrich page but more generally rich tasks allow pupils to use their own initiative, work to their own strengths and explore a topic in depth. They also encourage ownership by the pupils – they decide how to tackle the task and what he end product will be. 

Before Thursday’s briefing I’ll have to have put my money where my mouth is and taught at least one rich lesson so that I can share it. I don’t know if my top-heavy fractions bingo is quite good enough.  However I won’t mind lying and cheating if you’ve got one that you can pass on for me to use instead! 

You should also vote in our poll about Ofsted’s boring lesson issue.