Well then, technically the first week of the holidays; I say technically, as I’ve still been busy!

As I was collecting my paper from the local shop this morning, the lady said: “A bit later for the paper today!” She lives opposite me and knows that I usually leave the house at 06:30 and go straight to the shop for a paper. She seems happy for me that at 08:30 I’ve had a lie in. So am I!

I replied: “The holidays still involve a lot of work for me, its just that I have more say in what I do and when!” She found this amusing…and thinking about it, so did I!

Even during the strike for UNISON members in the last week of term, my days were unaffected.  I still had meetings arranged, people to visit, etc…despite the fact there were no children at school!

I think as SENCos we sign up to teacher’s terms and conditions, but work a more conventional administration role.

How many SENCos work during the holidays? How many of us meet colleagues for working lunches and ‘pop into school’, when no-one else is around?

Lots of us, I venture.

I went into school to pick up a lot of paperwork, check on the new appointment letters and confirm a lunch meeting with our returning educational psychologist. She’s been on maternity leave and so much has changed, school-wise and with respect to how we support students, that I need to get her up to date.

I’ve also been trying to arrange meetings with LA Education Office with regard to some building work, but no joy…I’ll be on that one next week.

Meanwhile, at home, I’m spending a few days fitting a new floor in my extension. There is a life after school; isn’t there?