Bouncy castles at the school fete may not be a big issue in the greater scheme of things, but, once again, I don’t know how far to go with expressing my opinions…

I am concerned about the bouncy castle at the school fete, following the accident that was reported in the press after which the family that had hired the castle were sued. There is a reluctance on behalf of the Parents Association to put an age limit on the castle. I, at the very least, want a sign that restricts older children being on the castle when younger children are on it. At best, I want to prevent anyone over the age of 10 from using the castle (this is an infant school fete).

I am aware that one of the mums who is named to help on the castle brings her older children with her and that they are not the best behaved of children, so I feel that it would be easier for anyone working with her to have been given the rule and have a sign to refer to. That way it is clear.

The problem is that some governors agree, and others think I am just being an old fusspot again. But I don’t want to back down when the safety of the children is at stake.

My understanding is that, should there be an accident, the school (that means the governing body) would be responsible, so I would like to show that we have taken every measure to make it as safe as possible. Is this actually the case, does anyone know? Could the school be sued if there is an accident and we haven’t taken the proper measures to keep things safe?

Am I fussing over nothing? Or am I right? Should I stick to my guns or back down? And, ultimately, who gets to decide – the Chair of Governors, the Head or does it go to a vote?

The fete is on Saturday, so not long to decide!