I received a copy of our county’s magazine for Governors today. In it was the following warning. I have copied it word-for-word. It may well be that other people are more on the ball than me, but I think I may not have looked at the small print. Anyway, I thought it was worth passing on the advice:

“A scam which has taken on an international dimension is the web directory. This scam operates by an email or letter offering to list your school in a web based directory. There is no charge for the entry. The scam works two ways. In one version the small print in the letter states that if you confirm or amend the details of your entry you will be charged on an annual basis. The other version of the scam is that your initial entry is free but your next entry at annual renewal will cost several hundred pounds. Our advice is not to respond to this type of mailing and if you receive an invoice for a directory entry contact Trading Standards for advice.

If your school is on the receiving end of a scam, or wants to check out some business practice which you think is dubious, please contact Trading Standards. Our web pages give up to date information about any scams we hear of and also contain plenty of useful information about your rights in law. Have a look also at our advice and education pages, to help you if you are planning lessons on consumer issues.”